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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Victor Noah King

Victorious Long Life of Faith in the One True King

That's my boy.
Many thanks for the care package that included this wonderful decoration for my blinds.  Each letter has a verse or phrase that I've shared here on this blog.  I love it!  What great reminders.

Before we even met Victor, a member of our prayer team sent us these words about our little man, "He will amaze.  God is going to use him in significant ways."

We have already seen multiple examples of how Victor has amazed.  The other day, one of the nurses shared with me something else miraculous.  She was talking about how well Victor has been doing considering his gestational age and weight at birth.  She reminded me that all of his brain scans have been completely clear, nothing has shown up.  She told me that even babies born later than 25 weeks gestation often have one or more scans that are not clear.  Another nurse overheard this and chimed in, "You really need to understand how amazing this is."

And she pondered all of these things in her heart.

Look at my little guy wearing big boy clothes!  Yes, they are size premie, but relatively speaking, they are definitely big boy clothes.

I had to enlist Nurse Amy's help with the arms as Little Man did not want to cooperate, allowing us to see his praise for Mommy.  Notice the dog theme going with the onesie and blanket.  Nurse Bridget likes to keep things coordinated.

Not bad for a self-portrait.  You don't want to know how many attempts it took to get it just right.

Victor had a good night and seems to be having a better day.  His weight is holding steady at 2 lbs. 11 oz.  Labs today.  Yuck!  No one likes to be stuck!

Prayer requests: Breathing, weight gain, the usual.

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  1. Little Victor you are so fearfully and wonderfully made!
    Before God formed you - He knew you, where you'd spend your first few months, who would care for you, who would help you grow.
    He knows when you will sit and when you will rise.
    He knows your thoughts even now - even the ones you'll have tomorrow (I bet they involve your mommy saying "don't forget to breathe Victor").
    He Discernes your going out and your lying down. (Every movement YOU make and each one someone makes you do).
    He is familiar with all your ways (all the things things you do each day to grow and what you will be doing each day thereafter).
    Before a word (or grunt or cry or babble) is on your tongue, He knows it completely.
    He has hemmed you in - behind and before, (provided for your every need.
    He has laid His hand upon you! (you are VICTORIOUS and AMAZING )

    (paraphrased: Psalm 139)

    Inspired to claim this verse for YOU today little man!