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Friday, May 24, 2013

Just an update

I'm all out of words so today it's just an update.

Yesterday there were happy tears as the nurse practitioner told me how well Victor is doing.  She also weaned his flow down to 3.0LPM and Victor did just fine.  His OG (feeding tube in mouth) was removed (actually, it was removed 3 times within a few hours yesterday morning but that was by Victor and was prior to doctor's orders) and replaced with an NG tube (feeding tube in nose).  Victor promptly pulled this out and was not very happy that it had to be put back in.  He is allowed to try non-nutritive feeding which is trying to suck without the goal of getting milk.  If it happens, it happens.

One other frequently asked question is about crying: Does Victor cry?  He does but not very often.  When he cries it is very quiet and more like a squeak or squeal.  He typically does it in response to being awakened and moved into a different position.  Mostly he shows his disapproval by scrunching up his forehead and giving his nurse the mad face, flailing his arms, and straightening his legs.  So there you have it, Preemie Emotions 101.

Pray for the non-nutritive feeding, that he would be successful and REMEMBER TO BREATHE!  And always, REMEMBER TO BREATHE!

Praise God for the VICTORious ways that Victor is growing.  It was prophesied that he would amaze and he is doing just that.

Praise God for our family and friends and for the many ways they have surrounded us through this journey.

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