Welcome to the KingZoo and Funny Farm, where we learn to live, laugh, and love together. Here you'll find snippets of life in our zoo, parenting tips we've learned along the way, reflections on shining God's light in this world, passions in the realm of orphan care, and our journey as parents of a visually impaired child with sensory processing disorder. Have fun!

About Me

This tab has been under construction because I'm not sure how to answer the question, "Who am I?" Here's to my first attempt at putting me on paper.

I WAS a first grade teacher, learning disabilities tutor, and sign language interpreter.

Now I'm a mom. I have eight children so I spend most of my time listening, chaufffeuring, teaching, cooking, encouraging, cleaning, correcting, and organizing. I love (almost) every minute of it.

The Good Doctor and I met in college, got married a month after graduation, and have now been at this marriage thing for over 25 (sometimes) blissful years.

What do I love? I love children, of course. If I had freetime, I would probably read, sew, do crafts, or end up spending time with one or more of my children, anyway.

I desire to find my place in this world; using the talents God has given to me. I want to live my story well. I want others to know that they are uniquely gifted and that each of us has a story in this great anthology called life. I especially want to encourage and support younger parents in their parenting journey. I have a heart and a passion for orphans. I'd adopt them all but where I'm the accelerator, the Good Doctor is the brake. Together, we keep from crashing.

The best way to find out who I am is to read this blog, I guess. I struggle to think that anyone would want to read what I have to say so I'm glad you're here. Let me know what you like, what you enjoy, and in what areas you'd like to know more.