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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Memorable moments

Once upon a time I minored in psychology.  And somewhere in all of those classes we learned about a stress scale that takes major events in your past year, and supposedly tells you something about your stress level.  My memory of the scale itself may be shaky but I do know that if I took that test today, the professional administering it would be concerned with the results.

Husband's graduation, new baby, son's graduation, travel...all of these things are momentous.  The last two days have been full of more memorable moments in our recent list of memorable moments.

Imagine, if you will, a graduation ceremony outside, in the rain.
Yes, this is how Jesse and Isaac witnessed the exciting day.
This was our view of the stage.  The whole stage.  And nothing but the...umbrellas.

But if you look really closely, that is the Good Doctor up there (there's his hat, in the middle, above the umbrellas), on the stage, giving the speech.  Because out of all of the students graduating today, he was chosen to speak to the graduates.  And just think, before that great honor, we weren't even planning to stay for graduation.  We were going to attend the commissioning ceremony for the School of Psychology and Counseling, indoors, and then go home.  But no, we stayed so the Good Doctor could fulfill this honor.  It was kind of a big deal.
But he did graduate.  Really.  Well, he got a little piece of paper saying that now you owe us lots of money and for your efforts we will mail you another piece of paper to prove it.
And in the end, we only looked a little water logged.  (We added the fountain in the front for the rain effect)
And in other memorable news - Victor's pic line was removed today!  Praise the Lord!  This is great news as that was a concern for infection.

Praise God that Aunt Katrina was able to have a little skin-on-skin time with him last night.  Unfortunately today they felt that he needed some rest so she couldn't hold him.  Please pray that tomorrow is a good day for him so that when I get there, I can hold him.  My first time.  It's time.

Pray that he continues to tolerate his feeds.  Pray also that his lungs continue to mature.  He's doing so well!


  1. Ive been reading your archives after clicking over from No Greater Joy Mom ... I graduated on this same 'stage' a year before you! Congrats and I'm enjoying reading about your family!

    1. A connection - yay! Thanks for stopping over.