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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

When you share an anniversary with a birthday...

When you share an anniversary with a birthday

you might have to wait a day to get recognition.

May you always keep your marriage strong so others see the Lord through it and through you.

Monday, June 1, 2020

And now for 14

We weren't there the day you were born. We weren't there to hold you in the NICU when you only had the nurses to do so.

But we came as soon as we could.

I will never forget the phone call.

I will never forget all 5 children crowded around me, waiting to see if it was finally the call.

I will never forget saying yes.

I will never forget our first glimpses of you and the nurses saying that you were the best baby in there which broke my heart because it likely meant that you didn't get a lot of attention.

No one asked us for ID. We just said, "We're John and Cindy King," and we pointed to your name on the isolette. The nurse handed you to us and you drew us in.

There has always been a light that has drawn others to you, just like that first day we met you. There has always been hope in your smile.

I know will always spread light and hope and smiles wherever you go. That is a God-given gift that can't be taken away.

Happy birthday!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

This is 99

This is what 99 looks like.

Yesterday, May 30, was a beautiful day for celebrating the beautiful 99 years (and many more?) of my grandmother.

6 children, 18 grandchildren, 40 great grandchildren, and 10 great, great grandchildren. So far.

To me, "Love and Prayers" sums up my grandmother. She signs every card with those three words. She makes every quilt and afghan and doily and everything else with those qualities. She has been known to say that she has made it through life with just love and prayers.

I look up to my grandmother and value the time God continues to give us with her. 

So it was a privilege to celebrate her corona style with people parades...

car parades...


and music.

Victor was the self-proclaimed videographer for the occasion.
We have some great videos of the musicians' knees.
She had a list of her favorite songs. 
We got through as many as we could.
Of course, "Because He Lives" is at the top of the list.

But maybe we shouldn't have given her so many flowers. Her living room was starting to look like a funeral parlor.

Well, she has always said that she thinks it would be better if we honored people by telling them how we feel about them while they are alive instead of at their funerals.

We hope she felt all of our love yesterday.

And the "99" balloons that ended up in the tree,
will be her daily reminder that she is loved.
Of course, depending on the wind, she could be "6" or "9" or "66" or...

Saturday, May 23, 2020

She graduated!

Graduation was supposed to be yesterday.

So we prepared for our own version of Marymount Manhattan's graduation for one.  But then it rained (of course). And it was nice of Tom to move us to yellow just in time for graduation. He really does care.

Plan B a day later was just as fun.

Cap and Gown and Socks and Mask. The new normal graduation uniform. Everyone's doing it.

The most obnoxious Pomp and Circumstance we could find and a lovely processional

The Pledge of Allegiance with the flag holder (Victor) in absentia because he declared at the last minute that he was not participating.

The singing of the alma mater.  It was beautiful even though no one knew the tune. We didn't know the words, either, so we just used the words from the high school alma mater.

Special music by one of the seniors, remotely, of course, but the technology never did work.

And a senior speech, remotely, of course, but the technology still didn't work.

And another senior speech, but again, the technology didn't work.
Some people dressed up more than others

The president decided to forgo the usual president's message since there wasn't much of an audience in attendance.

But the guest speaker was absolutely amazing. The best graduation speech ever. Very relevant for these unprecedented times.

“Thank you to Reverend Dr. King, Provost King, Dean King, and all the Professors King in the audience today. 
These are unprecedented times...
Imagine if you will…a world where Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday
only to be ruined by a virus named after a Mexican beer.
The new normal
We’re in this together
Alone together
We’re stronger together
Even though we’re not together, we’re here to keep you connected
To all the heroes keeping everyone running.
For all new moms in quarantine, you’re not alone.
These are extraordinary times and there are extraordinary people
working in the healthcare industry.
So to all our graduating health care workers and teachers,
who are about to be on the frontlines, we salute you. To everyone else…
…...Where was I?
...Our world has changed drastically, but you know what hasn’t changed?
We’re all in this together!
Being on your side means staying home.
The challenges are what motivate us. We’re doing everything
we can to get you what you need.
And we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe.
While not able to touch each other, there are still ways to touch each other.
Connect with friends and family. Have fun. But stay at home.
We will help you get through this.
But stay at home.
Because now, more than ever, being a good neighbor means everything.
It’s been a crazy time, but we’re all in this together.
In closing, I’d like to thank all of the corona commercials
and memes for the inspiration
and words needed to make this graduation speech possible
and my apologies for all of the copyright laws broken
in the making of this speech.”

And then the part that gets so long...the reading of the names...

Aaron Adam Anderson, in abstientia
Babbette Beatrice Beardsly-Brown, in ababsientia
Christopher Camron Christianson, in acksentia
Davida Danielle Dennis, in absentiensia
Esther Evangeline Edwards, in absence
Farnsworth Frederick Funkhousen-Fritz, in abystentia...
Some of us did not graduate with theater degrees
and have just a little trouble staying in character...
and trying not to pee our pants

Justin Joseph Jones, also not here
Mariana Christine King - finally!

"To the graduating class of 2020, please stand.

Okay, Mariana, you stand.

As a symbol of your accomplishment, please move your tassel and throw your caps in the air."

She did it and we are so proud. And personally, I think the length of this ceremony was just perfect. Like you.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A birthday that wasn't expected to be this way

Well...this isn't how we had planned to spend your 22nd birthday.

We thought we'd be heading to NYC tomorrow for a combo belated birthday-graduation-break a leg in your show, weekend.

Instead you spent your last semester of college paying for an apartment in NYC while riding out COVID-19 at home.

I'm sorry.

While it's been fun to have you here, I know it's not what you had planned.

And wedding planning during a pandemic...meh.

Anyway, I love you a bunch. Thanks, Jake, for remembering that the mom did more of the work on the child's birthday than the child. I enjoyed my chai.

Socially distancing, of course

Have a great day! Love you lots.