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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mouth wide open

Some babies were born with their eyes wide open.  Their parents speculate that they will be inquisitive, that they will be students of their environment, and that they will be wise.

My eldest daughter was born with her mouth wide open.

And she hasn't shut it since.

But that's a good thing.  It has truly been a gift from God.

She was born to act.  That was clear very early on.  While some college students, and might I say, some middle-aged fathers, are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, she has never floundered in her ambitions.

But she doesn't just act because she loves it.  She acts because she wants to bless the people she works with.  John and I have had many of her adult co-actors tell us that there's something different about her. Parents of her peers who have been in community theater with her have told me that even when she is in a lead role, she never lords it over the others; never acts as if one role is more important than any other.

If she has a motto to live by, I think it might be that we are all important in God's eyes, and therefore, in hers.  She is an encourager, one who brings hope to others.

She's been on the other side of the coin.  She's had ensemble members treat her with disrespect because of her lead role.  But she has persevered.  She can't change someone else, but she can still treat them with love.

And you know what, she might not have been born with her eyes open, but she is inquisitive and a student of her environment.  I have watched her interact with professionals in the theater field.  She asks questions, she observes, and she takes notes.  She is wise beyond her years.

So, Mariana, on your 15th birthday, I thank you that you are an encourager, at home, at school, and in theater.  It is no surprise that you are spending your birthday week playing the lead role in Thoroughly Modern Millie.  God has His hand on your life.  And He is so pleased with you.
I also thank God that Mariana has been just as much behind adoption as we are.  And I have not forgotten that she has offered to help with night duty.  One night a week is yours, dear.

Victor had another good day.  I pray for a day of no bradies.  It hasn't come yet but yesterday he only had 2.  That is imporovement!  He was weaned down to 4.5LPM and still stayed between 24% and 27% most of the day.  I know that means nothing to most of you but to all you medical folks who want nurse-speak, there you go.

He is finally not the smallest baby in the NICU.  He is holding steady at 2 lbs. 2 oz. and is officially a "grower" meaning he has passed the time when most things could go wrong so we're just waiting for him to grow and mature.  Some hospitals call these kids "feeders and growers."  So we pray for growth.  We pray for his brain to mature and his lungs to grow strong.  We pray for his digestive system to work and for him to develop the tools he'll need to someday drink his milk instead of having a feeding tube.

Thank God for the cleaners, launderers, chefs and taxi drivers who have helped out at the King home in my absence.  Thank God for the yummy care package that arrived for me today.

Thank God for the wonderful nurses, RTs, and doctors who love on Victor.  For some of them, this is one of those patients that has worked himself into their hearts.  As one of the nurses said to me, "This is one of those patients I think about when I'm at home."  As I was reading through the collection of emails and notes I collected during our journey with Victor, I came across one from someone who was praying that Victor would have people loving on him in the time when John and I couldn't get here yet. That prayer was definitely answered.

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  1. I so love your daughter...she made my PA stay wonderful!!