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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thanks for sharing

This blog thing is interesting.  Who knew so many people would be reading and sharing?  Thank you all.  I hope it encourages just one more person to care for the least of these.

Every now and then I like to look at the blog's stats.  Did you know that if you google amish funny farms you will find a link to my blog?  Who googles amish funny farms, anyway?

I know that people in Korea, Australia, and Kenya have read my blog.  So have they just happened upon it or were they sent a link?  Or did they google amish funny farms?

Several people have stated that they have been unable to comment on my blog.  I am no technological genius but I did change one setting so if you want to give it a try now, go ahead.  If you can't find my blog you can just google amish funny farm.  I'm told that Laura Sybil works, too.

And at least one nurse from the NICU found me by googling The King's Strings and then linking to the blog from there.  Welcome!

So there you have it.  All that I know about blogs.  Not much.  Except that everyone and her mother has one.  And most don't get read except by our mothers because that's what mothers are for.  So thanks for giving me over 500 page views for most of Victor's updates.  So glad to know that all you amazing people are praying for him, maybe all over the world!

He continues to amaze.  He is packing on the pounds (well, ounces, really) and is now 2 lbs. 2 oz.  Go Victor!

He was weaned down to 4.5 LPM on his high flow nasal cannula yesterday.  But then things didn't go so well.  He seemed to have trouble keeping his temperature earlier in the day.  I had to wait to hold him and then when I did finally hold him it didn't go well.  We put him back in his bed and it went downhill from there.  By 5PM they decided to put it back to 5.5 LPM and the rest of the night went better.

Pray that whatever was going on yesterday will be resolved today.  Pray that his temperature is normal.  Pray that he remembers to breathe, doesn't desat or brady, and that he can continue to be weaned off of support.

He has figured out how to use his tongue to work the feeding tube out of his mouth.  This was a game all day.  As soon as the nurse pushed it back in, Victor would work it back out.  Added to the game of chasing his desats and hi sats, he kept yesterday's nurse quite busy.  Pray for another, more relaxed day.

Pray for me.  It was a rough day to be in the NICU.  We knew there'd be days like this; setbacks are frequent with micropreemies.  But it was still difficult.

It was a good night for a distraction so Katrina and I went to dinner, a movie, and ice cream.  I ate.  She slurped.  But as her broken-jaw-wired-mouth days are coming to an end, we talked about all the things we will eat to celebrate in the near future.  Thank God for Katrina.  We had ourselves a nice little sleepover and she joined me for church this morning.

Oh, and would the real googler of amish funny farms please stand up?

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