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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The great performance

Yesterday was a day of travel.  Actually, it was a weekend of travel.  In just about 36 hours I flew from SLC to Baltimore and back and in between drove from Balitmore to home and back.  I was in PA less than 24 hours.  But it was all worth it.  It was worth it to be home again.  It was worth it to surprise the kids and it was worth it to see Mariana in Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Red wig was from the photo call.  She didn't stay a redhead for long.

There were goosebumps, there were chills, and there were many tears.  And when she came out for her curtain call?  There was a standing ovation.  She deserved it.  Through mic difficulties, she never wavered (don't believe her post about being frazzled, it never showed). Her voice was beautiful and her acting superb.  More tears after the show and lots of hugs.

Mariana, you are so beautiful and I'm so proud of you for using your talents for the Lord and for others.

Victor was well taken care of while I was gone.   Katrina got to do a lot of skin-to-skin time with him.  She sent us regular updates so we were in the know.  He lost a little weight again but is almost back to 2 lbs. 8 oz.   Keep praying for weight gain and remembering to breathe.

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