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Friday, May 17, 2013

Habits and mottoes

I have a confession to make.  But first, if you are anywhere near the Good Doctor, please make sure he is sitting down.

As I was praying yesterday morning, I said, "God, show us what is next."  It slipped out.  I didn't even realize I had said it until it was out there.  And now I must apologize to the Good Doctor because I realize we're still in the middle of this "next" and can't possibly be ready to move onto the next "next".  It's a habit now, I guess.

Kind of like after the birth of Child #4.  As the nurse was wheeling me from the delivery room to my room (yes, I am that old and back in the dark ages we did all the work in one room and then had to move to another), I looked at my loving husband and said, "Let's have another one."  Even the nurse agreed with my very shocked and scared husband, that no one else had ever said that just minutes after giving birth.

I guess it just goes with my motto:  You're not done til you're dead.

And my other motto:  There's always room for one more.

I saw a sign in a store the other day.  It said:

Our family motto - No empty chairs

I like it.  I think I would put one next to it that says:

We can always buy more chairs.

Victor had such a VICTORious, miraculous day yesterday!  From 8:30AM - 8:30PM (slightly longer, but those are the hours I was there), he had only 2 bradies (I know how to say it but don't know how to spell it, sorry medical people).  His oxygen level was mostly at 26% and with every desat he came up on his own.  Praise God!

His new nickname is Houdini because no matter how tightly his nurse wraps him in, he manages to escape and wiggle out.  My favorite is when he's on his belly.  He pushes up with his skinny little legs and manages to "crawl" over and beyond the positioner.  When he's on his belly he also turns his head from one way to the other.  His long fingers like to wrap around his feeding tube or his cannula and pull them out.  He thinks he's helping.

I got to hold him twice skin-to-skin and he just settled right in.  I wish you could see him all cocooned in my shirt.  Just a little face sticking out.  So snuggly.

He is back up to 2 pounds!  Yay, God!  Pray that he continues to steadily gain weight.

Pray for complete healing of his lungs.  Pray protection over his eyes.

Pray for John.  He's a little overwhelmed.  Pray for the house; it's a mess. A house with 9 people is going to naturally be messy, yes.  But when Mom isn't there to tell you to pick up that pile you just walked over, well..... I don't even have to see it to know what it looks like.  'Nough said.

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