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Monday, May 20, 2013

Good morning!

Let me tell you about my morning yesterday.  Since church doesn't start until 10, I was all set to sleep in.  Well, as much as this morning person can sleep in, which usually isn't very long.  But, no, at 6:30AM my phone vibrated with a text from the Good Doctor.  Since it was 8:30 his time and since I had asked him to check in on little Victor, I figured it was an update.

The message simply said, "Call me."

Uh-oh.  "Is everything okay?"

"Oh, yes, I just talked to the nurse and other than one bad spell, things were good last night.  In other news, I'm filling in for your Sunday School teachers and I thought we'd spend the morning in prayer.  Wanna Skype with the class?"

"Uh..... Ummmmmm....  Well, you just woke me up and I'm kind of still in bed and Katrina's still asleep, so.....No."

"Oh, sorry.  You posted your blog; I thought you were awake."

"No, I'm smart.  I write my blog the day before, and schedule it at night so it will post at 7AM."

"Oh.  Sorry."

7AM.  Another text.  "So do you think you might Skype with the Sunday School class?  Or maybe talk to them on speaker phone?"

"I'm still in my PJs and Katrina is still asleep.  No."

"Can you go outside to talk?"

"I'm still in my PJs.  No.  The rest of my apartment building does not need to see me."

"Okay, well let me know in half an hour if you want to Skype or talk."

"Sure.  I'll be happy to let you know if I want to Skype or talk."

Apparently the Good Doctor does not know sarcasm when he sees it in text.  Nor does he understand that a non-response means that I do not want to Skype or talk.

7:45AM.  Phone vibrates.  I assume it's another text.  I pick up.  There are people talking.  A lot of people.

"Good morning.  I'm in your Sunday School class.  Do you want to talk?"

"Am I on speaker phone?"

"Yes.  Yes, you are," he says, obviously having the time of his life while the class is laughing at me in my PJs even though they cannot see me on speaker phone.


"So, do you want to talk?"

"Um, no?"

We have been married for almost 22 years and he still doesn't know that I, unlike him, do not like to be put on the spot.  He spent a few hours in the dog house.  But then I went to church and we prayed for him.  It's all good.  We're still married.

But could someone please help a poor girl out and let the Good Doctor know that I do not, nor will I ever, enjoy surprise moments of center stage?

Victor, on the other hand, likes a lot of attention.  Just look at my boy posing for all of these photos.  He did such a great job during his photo shoot with Katrina.  And with the skin-to-skin time.  And with everything yesterday.  There are probably several reasons why Saturday was such a difficult day and we will never know exactly what was going on.

"Some days are like that.  Even in Australia."  Which, by the way, is where Kangaroo Care comes from.  Duh.

He loves to suck on my finger while we have our Kangaroo Care time.  This is a good thing, training for the big day down the road when he can learn to get his own nourishment.  Since he is fed during our holds, he can begin to associate holding with sucking and a full belly.  Pray for this day.  Pray that things happening now will prepare him for regular feedings.

Pray for his brain and for his lungs and for his digestive system and mostly pray that while they are all working, he remembers to take nice, regular breaths.  BREATHING IS NOT OPTIONAL!

Praise God for some time off and for a good weekend with Katrina.  When we were out and about last night, we were in line behind a man carrying a baby.  As I looked at the baby, I commented to Katrina that the baby was probably the same age as Victor.  As we talked to the parents, sure enough, their little girl is just one week older, but about 8 pounds heavier, than Victor.  Amazing when you put it all in context.  And you can pray for Katrina, too.  She gets her wires off tomorrow, traded for rubber bands.  She's been a real trooper while her jaw has been wired shut.  Time for a change!
Leave me alone, guys!  83 pictures is enough for one day!


  1. It's a good thing you are a couple of thousand miles away. If you had been any closer yesterday, the Good Doctor may have needed one.

    Victor is precious. So are you.

    I hope today is an excellent one.

    1. You know me too well. But I think I handled it pretty well.

  2. he's looking so good!!! I keep you and your family in my prayers. My friend's little brother was a premie too and born a little less than 2 lbs. But with prayer and lots of love he made it through and is now towards the taller end of his age group!! Be encouraged and stay strong for little Victor. I can't wait to meet him one day =)

    1. Oh, thank you for your prayers! And I love to hear stories of other wee little ones and how well they are doing now.

  3. I just LOVE reading your blog and especially with regard to this new adventure that you and your family are going on with little Victor! Do you mind me asking something? Let me preface this by saying I feel so foolish even asking this question but adoption is so new to me and how the processes go... I know you mentioned before that you wanted to have an open type adoption with the birth mom is she there caring for him also? I was going to be a Foster parent several years ago so I'm very intrigued about the adoption process.

    1. Good question. Let me put this into a blog in the next few days.

  4. Adorable pictures. He is really starting to fill out more. Not that you have big fingers but your finger looks huge in his tiny mouth. Our prayers continue to be with your family and Victor daily. - Earley Family

    1. I feel bad that my finger is in his mouth for so many of these shots but it keeps him happy. What Victor wants, Victor gets! At least for these months.