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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two Sisters Day Spa, revisited

Way back in 2011, I wrote a review of the Two Sisters Day Spa. While they have remained in business since that time, their hours have been erratic and I do think they've gone out of business and reopened numerous times. Yesterday, however, I received word early in the morning that they'd be open for a short time and that I was going to be the recipient of a free spa treatment.  According to the sign I found on my kitchen table, the spa was free only if your name is Mommy.

I'll take it!

So later in the day, after all work was done, I was led to the waiting area complete with magazines.

The selection wasn't so great, ESPN, Running, and Birds and Blooms, the latter of which must have been from their very first salon because it was dated 2010. I have no idea where they found such a thing, maybe in their family's box reserved for magazines which you can cut up for school projects.

As I was the only one in the waiting room, and the first on their schedule for the day, I can say that the wait time at Two Sisters Day Spa is better than any other facility to which I've had an appointment.

First there was a leg massage. Let me add that there are two great reasons to frequent this spa over others. First of all, they don't make fun of winter white legs. Secondly, pets are allowed.

Then bilateral hand massages. Another reason to return to this particular spa: The attire on the owners is unique and unforgettable.

And last but not least, a soak in the "foot massage thingie" as referenced on the spa's services board.  Thanks to whomever dropped this item off on our porch with the note, "Enjoy your pedicure." The two sisters of Two Sisters Day Spa did offer me a pedicure but I declined.

Mr. Victor was next on their list.

One of the two sisters, spa co-owner turned amateur photographer attempted to capture his delight but was successful mostly in taking 20 pictures of the top of his head.

The Good Doctor was next on their list and then their final client for the day opted out, claiming smelly feet. I'll leave you to decide to whom the stinky feet belonged.

Here's hoping they're open for business again soon!


  1. Aaahh, what a treat. Sounds like that is the place to be. I think the top of the head shots are gorgeous..all of that soft, silky dark hair. What a treasure. :)

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