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Monday, March 3, 2014

Quilts and pillows

You know there's a lot of sewing going on around here when the iron doesn't get put away. It's certainly not that anyone in this house is ironing their clothes!  We prefer the wash-and-go wrinkled look around here.

There were birthday parties for little girls when it's always fun to make either a doll quilt with doll-sized pillow or a kid-sized, personalized pillow.

Then someone asked for two pillows with the message, HOPE.  Happy to oblige (all for the adoption fund, after all).

And that quilt for Jesse's bed that I had been working on is finally finished.  It had actually been finished for some time but was difficult to get a picture when his room looked half decent and you could see the quilt. This was made from repurposed men's shirts and a donated sheet for the backing. Sewing and simplicity - two of my favorite things!


  1. Beautiful work! My mother was a sewer. I never really took to it but I far surpassed her in knitting. People really appreciate something made with such love. I love that you repurposed some shirts, too. Great idea.

  2. Beautiful work and amazing energy! My sewing teacher in 5th grade sent me to the eye doctor. I could not sew a straight seam. Maybe that is why I took up knitting!