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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dr. Seuss meets the Good Doctor's family

In the town of mechanics
Near the mountain of south
Lived a family of Kings
Who all ran at the mouth

So at this table of brown
'Neath a ceiling of white
We must all speak in rhyme
Never fear, it's just 1 night

Just to be nice
We'll give you 1 slip
Please do your best and
The fabulous prizes we'll skip

Dr. Seuss would be pleased
While on green eggs we dine
Enjoy your evening
But speak only in rhyme

With these words, we were ushered into another family night courtesy of Mariana and Isaac who planned the evening from the green delicacies to the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish... desserts, from the order to speak only in rhyme to the Lorax (and friends) inspired plantings, and finally ending with The Lorax himself.

Another fun aspect of the evening was the silverware - we weren't given any. Each of us was given two cooking utensils with which to eat our food. This called for great creativity in eating and possibly, more napkins than usual.

I think we would all agree that speaking in rhyme for a whole meal is exhausting. Two folks solved the problem by eating in silence, not a bad solution considering the amount of effort involved just to ask for the grapes to be passed.  And two children in this home are rhyme-challenged, one through age and the other through too many school transitions at a  younger age. The first just laughed, the second tried charades with his mouth closed. Sorry, Charlie, wrong meal to look for a deal. Jesse was a master, right up there with Dr. Seuss himself. And then we had the one who often sounded more like Shakespeare.  Definitely a fun evening!

The evening was fun
From food to crafts
Til next time comes around
We've got memories and laughs...


  1. What a fun evening and a delightful recounting of it. (I love the 'run at the mouth' line.)

  2. Amazing - I can only imagine the challenge of talking in ONLY rhyme!

  3. Eden shared (during UpStreet) that her solution was to not talk and just get what she needed. :-)

  4. Great evening of family fun!