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Monday, March 17, 2014

Children's clothing

A long time ago, before I had children, long before the days of Pinterest, back in the days when the mailbox would be overflowing with magazines of every kind, I had a file in my cabinet labeled Children's Clothing. I would pull out pictures from high end children's clothing magazines and keep them in the hopes that someday I would make similar styles for my children. You know, matching outfits, lots of ruffles, bow ties, and lace.

And I did make a few. Very few. But because I had children, there was no time to make all those fancy things I had my eye on. Instead, the few outfits I did make ended up being very simple or better yet, practical.

One year for Christmas, I made Mariana matching clothes for herself and her American Girl doll; a set of matching PJs, and matching prairie dresses.

Of course they were handed down to the next girl in line who is enjoying them just as much. Or maybe I'm the one enjoying them just as much.

Growing up, my mom made most of my school and church clothes. While some girls were embarrassed to wear handmade clothes, I loved mine. She always added an extra little something to make it unique. She'll tell you that she doesn't know how to sew and that these outfits were nothing special but to me they were. It was always fun to watch my cousins' school pictures through the next several years because as those outfits were handed down, each often had their turn being worn for a school picture. My only disappointment is that none of those outfits are still around; I'd love to see my girls wear some of them, at least when they were young enough and still wore what I wanted them to wear.

I think I finally threw that old Children's Clothing file away. I gave up on having the time to sew those illustrious outfits. And my children, living in a day when dressing up isn't what it used to be (My mom made me dress up to go to Phillies games! But that's a story for another day), probably wouldn't have wanted to wear those fancy fixings for long anyway.  There's always grandchildren. And there's always Pinterest.

Maybe someday...

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  1. The best Halloween costume I ever had was a witch's costume that my mom made for me. I loved it! Because of this memory I wanted to do the same for my kids. I made Indian costumes for them, and saved them. Thanks for sharing.