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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Big Houdini

It's hard to believe it's a little less than a year since we received the email that started with these words:

"I'm sending a unique situation over.  _________ had a hispanic baby boy on April 13th. She has named him Noah. He weighed 1lb 13oz and is in the NICU. [Birthmother] has already relinquished but is still in our birth mother housing until she chooses a family. I texted her case worker today for an update on Noah. Last I heard, he was surprising all the nurses & nicknamed the little fighter in the NICU. He is a little famous cutie in there with with an adorable head of dark hair." 

"Little fighter" was just one of his many NICU nicknames. The Vic-man, Mr. Victor, Peanut, Little Peanut, and the list goes on and on. In those first days it seemed that each new person I met had a special name for this special baby boy.

One of the feats Victor was known for was wriggling out of the positions his nurses so lovingly placed

him in, surrounding him with bumpers and pads to contain and keep him comfortable. His favorite

position was on his belly but he'd kick and stretch his legs and push himself up and over the carefully
placed positioners.  On more than one of these occasions, Little Houdini was what he was called.

Well, Little Houdini is now Big Houdini. He's still exceptionally strong despite his prematurity. And that bouncy seat where I used to place him when I needed to contain him? Not going to work anymore as Houdini has figured out not only how to take off the toy bar but also how to push himself up into almost a standing position, giving himself more leverage to throw himself back against the seat and make it bounce down to the floor and rebound with a vengeance.  Oh well, it was fun and useful while it lasted.

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  1. So cute! What a great story. He was born strong, a fighter.