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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Texturally decorating

How do you decorate the nursery for a child who is blind?

Never thought of that, huh?

Well, I didn't either. And I'm challenged in the regular kind of decorating.

Long before Victor came home, long before we knew Victor was blind, I got these pictures from someone in our adoption group, framed them, and put them on his wall.
They say, "We prayed for you...we waited for you...you are home and you are loved."

I love both the images and the saying. But Victor will never see them. I thought of trying to add texture to these pictures, and I might still do that, but what else could I do?

For the first children, the nursery had a Noah's Ark theme.  Yeah, I know, why use a story about death and destruction to decorate a baby's bedroom?  I don't know. It obviously has more to do with the cute animals and for me was focused on the theme of promise.  The only problem was that we had given most of our Noah's Ark items away after Child #7 and what's left is in the deep dark recesses of the attic. Should I get it out?

I didn't. Someone from church offered to donate her old Noah's Ark themed nursery set.  Funny, it was the exact same sheet pattern I'd had originally.  But again, Victor can't see it.

I will randomly go on etsy.com or ebay.com and type in "blind" or "braille" and see what comes up. One day on etsy I found an antique Braille Bingo board. It was clearly handmade. The seller noted that she had two of them so I asked her about selling both of them together. She agreed. Then I saw that she was also selling an antique abacus. Perfect! Wall decorations for the room of a blind child, which can double as toys and learning tools.
The walls aren't really this color, they're more gray-blue.

And the sweet seller from California sent the package with not 3, but 4 items, an extra abacus for her new little friend, Victor, which is on the opposite wall.

I wonder what will show up next?

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  1. What an interesting slice! One of those "never really thought about that" ideas, which you so beautifully described. I love that your act of love in adopting Victor was reciprocated in an act of kindness from the etsy vendor. Thanks for sharing!