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Saturday, March 22, 2014

That game

"Mom, we played Amazon Woman tonight."

Three of my teen boys excitedly told me all about this great game they played at their Youth Hang Out Night.

"What's that?" I asked the first child who shared his new favorite game.

"It's where the guys all link arms and get into a tight ball and then the girls need to try to pull us apart."

"Oh, I know that game. I played that when I was younger."

Silence. Shock. Each young man flabbergasted that this game had been invented in the Stone Ages and trying to picture their mother participating in it.

"Yeah, it's true. Only we didn't call it Amazon Woman."

"Well then, Mom, what did you call it?"

"That game where half of you link arms and get into a tight ball and then the rest of the group needs to try to pull them apart."

Again silence.

"That's lame.  But I bet you were great at that game, Mom."

"You think? I bet I was better at finding an excuse to leave the room just when the stupid get-to-know-you games were about to start so I didn't have to participate."

Just another day of learning at the Kings. Yes, we did have games when I was young.


  1. That's like the day I learned my mother could drive a farm tractor.

  2. My son says I'm old because I was born in the 1900s.

  3. When will my husband learn that he is no longer a teenage boy and participating in these games will leave him sore the next day? Watching this games scared Alex b/c of all the yelling going on, thankfully no nightmares!