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Friday, March 28, 2014

Mysteries of home

There are many questions that just cannot be answered no matter how many years you study the issue.

Just where do all the matches to the socks go?

Why is it so difficult to turn light switches off when the action to do so is the exact opposite of the action to turn them on (an act which doesn't seem to be difficult at all)?

Why do you always find the missing library book the week after you give up and pay for it?

Why do children still insist, I put them in my closet, when it's clear that the shoes aren't there? And then they act mortified when you respond with, Well, then, they must have walked away. Where do you think they might have gone?

And most recently: How can your child own 6 pacifiers but at any given time, you have to scramble to find just one? But then in the morning, you can mysteriously find 4 of them under that same child's bed (and you know they weren't there the night before because you were frantically looking for them)? I've never had a pacifier-addicted child before so this is new investigative territory for me.

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  1. I feel your pain with the pacifiers. Alex was addicted, so we kept one in each carseat of each car, 4-6 in her crib, 2 at daycare and one in the diaper bag. It was miserable if we ever left home without one. Thankfully baby #2 decided to suck on her thumb since it would always be with her...now to break her of it....