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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Do you see what I see?

The other morning while taking a walk, a woman passed us and as usual, commented on the cute baby in the stroller. In a grandmotherly tone, she reminded all of us that the sun was in the baby's eyes. We looked at each other but none of us felt it necessary to correct the woman or to blurt out, "He's blind," to a total stranger. Instead, we said nothing.

As I've said before, the most frequently asked question is whether or not Victor can see anything at all. The ophthalmologist has said since last August that he didn't believe Victor could see anything, not even light. He based this upon his exams where he would shine a light in Victor's eyes. Victor would not flinch or squint or squirm or make any reaction at all.

While we didn't like admitting it, this was our observation as well. I have taken Victor outside in the bright sunlight and seen his eyes roll up toward the sun with no reaction. I have fed him in front of a window and moved in and out of the sunlight to see if his pupils would react and they did not. There were those times in the beginning when we felt like he got excited when the Christmas lights were turned on but that was just explained away as our own wishful thinking and Victor's excitement to be playing on his back.

On Friday, we visited a park while waiting for Andrew to finish his last class before spring break so we could head home. Just before leaving I put Victor down on his back to change his diaper. I even thought to myself, It's awfully sunny but it won't matter to Victor.  But then I noticed something. Isaac was standing above him and was partially blocking the sunlight. When Isaac moved and the sun fully hit Victor's face, he squished his eyes closed. I told Isaac to stand there again, and then to move out of the way again. Victor again clearly closed his eyes tight against the light. John came over and observed the same thing. He ran for his ipad so we could document this reaction.

Back in the van we told the just-awakened Mariana about what happened. She nonchalantly said, "Oh yeah, the same thing happened to me this morning." She explained that when she fed him breakfast, they were sitting in front of a row of full length windows and the sun was shining in. He was fussing and not eating. She wondered whether it was the sun in his eyes so moved him and sure enough, he calmed down and started eating.

When Heidi Baker prayed over Victor, her words were that his healing would be a progression. And last week at church, there were more prayers for Victor's ultimate healing.

These are the things that make you go, Hmmmm..... and ponder them in your heart.


  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this slice. You developed it beautifully with the story as the intro. Maybe he sees more than they think!

  2. Fingers in the sun
    feeling something strong ...
    ponder them in your heart as we
    reach across the space to settle in a place
    where your world connects with me
    and hope is the seed we plant together.

    PS -- I lifted a line to write a poem, and saw it a way to send thoughts your way as best as I can.

    1. I was hoping you'd visit and "lift a line" here eventually! What a perfect day to have you do so! Thank you.

  3. That "progression" sounds more like a miracle. I hope that this means something good for Victor!

  4. How Great Is Our God! We sang that at church this morning and I still have it running through my head. Keep on keeping on Victor-God has a special plan for your life! <3

  5. Wow! Keep documenting what you notice! Maybe this is a miracle in the making.