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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Skiing in the house

This little girl learned how to roller skate recently. Except she calls it skiing.

So now she wears the skates constantly; yesterday they came off only at bedtime and when I made her remove them to go up and down steps. Since it's so cold outside, that means she is mostly wearing them in the house, except for brief moments of braving the cold before coming back in to warm up. The control freak in me wanted to say no but then I thought about it...

Our floors are old and scratched anyway... I prefer the lived in look over the museum look...What harm could there really be?

Sure, kid, skate, or ski, away.

Then I made the mistake of telling her that I used to skate a lot (in the garage and driveway, though, not in the house) and that somewhere in the garage she might be able to find my old skates. I mentioned that when it gets warmer outside, I will join her and we can skate together. Sure enough, she found those old skates and immediately asked if I'd go outside with her. Somehow she missed half of my statement.

But then I thought, if she can skate in the house, I can skate in the house...

So we did. Even the child who thinks I'm less than impressive because I can't play Madden Football on the Wii (because, what good could you possibly be in life if you can't play Madden Football?), was actually impressed.

I'm not sure if they were more impressed with my skills or the fact that I broke an assumed household rule against skating (or skiing, as the case may be), in the house.

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  1. Yes, home is for living, and for skating and skiing together. Lovely how your daughter encouraged you to put your skates on again. You made the rules, you can change them.