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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

They got nothin'

My high school friend, Kym, used to say that I lived in the boonies. It wasn't really the boonies, but compared to her neighborhood, I suppose there were fewer houses and more farms.

Then I went to a college which really was in the boonies.  No stop light, no McDonald's.

So I guess it stands to reason that when this girl who lived in the boonies went to the city for a weekend, she wasn't prepared to know how to keep her valuables safe.

John and I had treated ourselves to tickets to a Michael Card concert. We later chose one of Card's songs to be sung in our wedding so that and the concert itself, are wonderful memories.

The rest of the time there, not so much. We weren't far from John's sister and her husband so we spent some time with them and had dinner out together. I hated carrying a purse so as we pulled into the parking lot, I did what I usually did, I shoved my purse under the seat.

Just after we had been seated there was an announcement at the restaurant, asking for the owner of the vehicle with license plate ______ to come to the front desk. The license plate was mine so my brother-in-law went to check it out.  He came back with not-so-great news.

Someone had smashed the passenger side window and stolen the purse. I was a poor college student so the only money in the purse was a few coins. The credit card was quickly canceled. Of biggest concern to me were my stolen ID and keys. I knew that the likelihood of the perpetrator(s) driving several hours to my dorm or 12 hours to my home was highly unlikely, but they did have my addresses and keys and I had a vivid imagination.

Several days later I received a phone call on the lone dorm floor phone (no cell phones, people!). My purse had been found in a dumpster not far from the restaurant. Everything was in it, including the few cents worth of change and the credit card we had already canceled. The cops explained that they were likely only looking for cold, hard cash.

Then they probably shouldn't have chosen a poor college student to rob. They got nothin' and I got a smashed car window but I also got a story.

1 comment:

  1. You have an keen memory.
    It took me nearly all day to remember ever saying you lived in the bonnies. It finally came to me.
    I know this comment has nothing to do with your story.
    But I just need to say your children are in trouble when they start having kids.
    Oh the stories you will tell!