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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Remember when...

"Remember that time when..."

Yeah, how could we forget? Do we look exhausted? We should. I know for myself, I didn't sleep for days leading up to that event. And I lost 5 pounds that weekend. I also recall that I forgot to pack my hair gel. It's funny what you remember.

Will we look back on the experience with fondness?  I think most of us do. What purpose did it serve? I don't know although I do know that we were supposed to be there. There was definite confusion and disappointment afterward but fond memories, too...

The thrill of the phone call and later the email
Playing in Times Square, having passers-by think we're famous, and getting their pictures taken with us
Seeing the inner workings of television
Having so many friends in the first row, loudly (obnoxiously?) cheering us on and knowing that family members were in the back doing the same thing
Seeing the crowd standing and hearing them chanting so that we couldn't hear ourselves play
The roar of the crowd and the ovation at the end
The woman who came up to me on the sidewalk, pointed her finger in my face and said, "I know why you're called The King's Strings.  I know. And it doesn't have anything to do with your last name. I saw the Holy Spirit on that stage with you when you were playing.  I know."

When we're old and gray, and sitting around chatting about "the good old days," these are the things that will make us say, "Remember when..."


  1. This sounds like quite a special opportunity. But I am left with questions like when and what? How wonderful to be a living testimony and have someone notice God through your family!

    1. Unfortunately, according to the 12 page contract we signed, we're not allowed to say what we did but you can guess by the sign and the three judges involved - and the 4 seconds we got on television.

  2. It is funny what we remember. Why one detail and not others? Hmm