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Friday, March 14, 2014

Traveling with Kings

Traveling as a party of 8 is always interesting. So is traveling as a party of 10 but that doesn't happen as much anymore. Of course traveling as a party of 8 for 60 hours in a week and a half was beyond description but I wasn't on that trip so you'll have to ask the rest of my family. This trip is 18 hours round trip to see Andrew in Kentucky, to celebrate his birthday with him, and to bring him and a friend home for spring break. 8 people traveling to Kentucky, 10 people going back home.

One of our biggest hurdles is deciding what to listen to; radio or CD and if CD, which one and who gets to pick it? This time the problem was solved by taking turns.  So this was our listening pleasure:

Les Miserables radio theater Disc 1
Little Women radio theater Disc 1
Les Miserables radio theater Disc 2
Squanto Disc 1
Les Miserables radio theater Disc 3

If you took a nap or weren't paying attention, you could wake up in a whole new country, a completely different time period, or even speaking a different language. And somehow, other than Les Miserables, we never got to finish a story. It's a good thing we've heard them so many times that we can recite sections verbatim.

Games are always fun, especially with our age spread. We tried Encore, giving a word and needing to sing as many lines from songs that contain that word.  We also tried story telling with pictures I pulled from magazines. The story starting with the picture of a girl sleeping in a car (I wonder where that inspiration came from?), went on to include monsters, a lamb and a chick who were friends, a Sunday at church where the sermon was about fire in the belly (yes, that was a picture from a magazine), a dead plant that turned into a bird which turned into a rock.

And of course you have to have fabulous prizes and since this is America, we all won - an all expense paid trip to Kentucky!

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  1. I bet it would be fun being on one of your car trips. Lots of entertaining kids. :)