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Monday, March 10, 2014

The healing of the blind man

Victor and I usually stand in the back of church during the singing time. He's still not allowed in the nursery due to his immune system and he's usually too noisy to be in the quiet portions of church so he and I hang out in 's office. This is one time when having a husband for a pastor becomes a good thing. Yesterday, probably because the time change messed him up, he fell asleep during the singing. I thought this was wonderful; I could just sit in the back and enjoy the rest of the service.

Then the pastor stood up front and the title of his sermon was on the screen behind him, "The Healing of the Blind Man." My heart sank. This one hit a little too close to home. Did I want to stay? I was already there, had already made myself comfortable, and did I really want to just go to the Good Doctor's office to hang out with a sleeping baby?

I know the story all too well. Since Victor's diagnosis I've returned to it numerous times looking for hope for his blindness.  Who sinned? This man or his parents? Neither. This happened so that my glory might be revealed.

Throughout the service and during the prayer time afterward, several people came to faithfully and obediently pray over Victor, each one following that nudge from the Holy Spirit, to follow when told, "Go."

The combination of their prayers was a beautiful picture of God's love for Victor. Many prayers went up for his complete healing. One woman felt very strongly that the Good Doctor had a special anointing for healing that day, whether it was for Victor or for someone else, she didn't know. Another saw the image of an angel with wings flapping, possibly on the move, in the corner near us. She prayed for my moments of turmoil; times wavering between faith that God can heal and the knowledge that His glory will be revealed regardless of the earthly outcome. Prophecy was spoken over him, speaking greater gifts of healing into him. Victor's name will be realized, he will see into people and God will heal others through him. A difficult morning, yet beautiful, too.

I would love for Victor to be healed but ultimately, my desire is that God's glory might be revealed through Victor.

Father, I believe. Forgive me for my unbelief.

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