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Monday, July 1, 2013

The rest of the story

  • After I wrote the red shoes explanation, I received a message from our friend, Ashley.  Ashley is amazingly gifted in the arts and we have enjoyed the results of her scenic design through several seasons.  Ashley is also the giver of our red shoes.  In her message she explained "the rest of the story."  It is with her permission that I share this today:

    "I enjoyed your red shoe blog. I just want to add a little more to it for you. Converse shoes are a big part of my life. More than the fad that it is for others at Allenberry.

    I am a very big girl. Finding shoes as a teen was not easy. You're lucky if they have a size 10, let alone a 12. I spent my childhood trying to find men's clothes that weren't overly masculine. Converse were fortunately a part of that. I could get fun colors and feel less bad about being a little oversized. Converse became a big part of my identity. When I looked down at myself I saw the shoes; the white toe and the laces that contrasted the bright color of the shoes.

    In college I began the shoe photo collection. I've never been a fan of my picture being taken, but I found a fun way to represent myself in pictures.

    When my friend, Tiffany, left California for the far off land of Pennsylvania I would send her pictures of familiar places and remind her that I missed her. My very first shoe picture was my faded blue chucks in front of a painting that was at a place we used to go to listen to live jazz music.

    I liked the format. I liked the idea. I liked the opportunity for expression while maintaining simplicity. I could show where I had been. Where I was. Where I was going. All from my perspective. With a picture of my shoes I could show that I enjoyed a sunset, or took a hot air balloon ride with a friend. It fit me.

    Soon others caught on. I would receive texts from friends who were traveling, and rather than an explanation, it would be a pair of shoes in front of an iconic view or structure. I loved it. I loved knowing that I had even lightly influenced their view of life or the world. 

    I ended up calling my series of pictures, 'Wandering Souls.'  It seemed very appropriate. Whenever I was in a new place; physically or just in my life, I would look at myself, at my shoes, and want to capture the moment. Not wanting to let go of the present, or wanting to share it I would take a photo.

    My shoes have taken me many places, and with them I have met so many wonderful people. My shoes and I will continue to wander, and we are so thankful that our souls bumped into yours."

    The gift of the red Converse was meaningful before, now even more so. We can't wait for Victor to add some shoe pictures to Ashley's collection.

    Many people have asked me how long Victor is.  Funny, but it was something that had never come up and I kept forgetting to ask.  Well, last evening I finally remembered.  At birth, Victor was 12.5 inches.  Because of the dollar bill picture, someone has been referring to him as "A Buck and a Half."  Last night he measured 17 inches.  He has been growing and gaining steadily since the family was here a few weeks ago.  Keep it up!

    We had a surprise appointment with Annie, the OT this morning.  Victor downed that bottle in a record 30 minutes.  Okay, so he's not the neatest eater, but Annie gave him a grade of "quite impressive" and whenever he wakes up and shows cues that he's ready, he's allowed to have a bottle!  She said that 2 or 3 more today would be great but we will take whatever we can get, going at his pace.  But clearly, Victor wants to get home as quickly as I do.  Thank you for your prayers.

    Katrina and I had a great weekend of movie watching, eating, and Victor holding.  We're looking ahead to spending the 4th together.  And I met a new friend.  There are currently 3 adoptive families beside and across from each other in the NICU.  I met one family a few days ago and today met the the other.  She is so sweet and we're going to plan some time together with me and her family.  And last week I met another adoptive family who is staying in a hotel in the area, waiting for things to play out.  It almost feels like familiar faces.

    Thank you for your prayers.  This is Victor, praying before Annie came around to us.  He's praying for every breath, great eats, gaining weight, and going home.  Please join us in remembering these things in prayer.  

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