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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not good on the Mommy Meter

I pride myself on being organized.  Not just your average run-of-the-mill organization, but extreme organization.

Unfortunately, as someone wise once said, pride goeth before a fall.

Yesterday morning I sent my three oldest off to the dentist.  The two younger girls were being picked up to go to the park with a friend so I told the older kids that I'd join them in 15 - 30 minutes.

The phone soon rang.  It was the older kids.  "Mom, don't bother coming."


"Our appointments are tomorrow."

Now, since the appointments were made 6 or more months ago, I have no idea where the breakdown occurred and I can't even blame it on a sleep-deprived brain.  We checked and the appointments were definitely written in our calendar for yesterday.  I'd like to say the hygienist wrote it incorrectly on the reminder card, causing me to correctly incorrectly type it into the computer.  But I have no proof.  I do know that they usually send a reminder postcard.  But since I haven't been home in three months, that's either in the middle of one of the stacks of mail I still haven't finished going through, or it was thrown away by someone who assumed I was too organized not to have put the appointments on the calendar.

My apologies to the kids and to the dentist's office.  At least the appointments were for 10 AM and not 8 AM.  I'm low enough on the Good Mommy Meter right now; having to leave the house while the clock was still on single digits could possibly have sent the kids over the edge.

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  1. Don't feel bad. Last month Chris had a dentist appointment the same week Alex and I had one and when the reminder email for his came I didn't even read it assuming it was mine. So he missed his appointment and couldn't get back in until the end of August. He doesn't write his on the calendar so I had no idea he had one coming up. I personally prefer the reminder phone calls.