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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mr. Victorious Victor


5 lb. 8 oz.

Day 3 of no bradies.  Pray us through...

Side note: It has been brought to my attention that there are folks who have not been following us from the beginning who missed the definition of a brady.  They have no clue if a brady is a member of an old TV sitcom with a lovely lady and a man who was busy with three boys of his own or if a brady is a member of the family of a football player who's been around for quite some time.  In this case, it is neither.  For a full definition, read this.  Bottom, line, we don't want them!  We need 7 days without them.

He is waking every 3 - 4 hours to eat, taking anywhere from 60-80 mls.  He loves his milk!

His hearing screening has been ordered.  Know what that means?  We're going home soon!  Oh, and a room air trial.  And this one is doctor ordered, not Victor pulling the cannula out himself.

Last day with my mom and Mariana.  It has been so good to have them here.  Hiking, shopping, but most of all I've enjoyed talking together.  Last night we laughed and laughed with Katrina.
No, I haven't gained weight on my bum; it's my bag.  I just wanted to make that clear.  

And yes, my mom really does know how to take photos of tall and short people.

Cover us in prayer tomorrow morning as I say good-bye to them.  Pray for their safety as they travel home.
Never thought I'd be the tallest adult in a picture.

Mariana will have 24 hours to unpack and repack for the missions trip to New Mexico that she and Jesse are participating in next week.  Andrew will be heading to Juniata County, PA helping to lead a team of mostly middle school kids.  Pray for all of them.

Each day I find myself saying good-bye to another wonderful member of Victor's medical team.  As long as Victor does not brady, we are looking at an official unofficial discharge of Monday or Tuesday.  John will probably fly out here Monday night.  We're working on scheduling a court hearing for Tuesday or Wednesday.  We'll be home Wednesday night or Thursday!  The time has really flown and I know that is due to the many prayers on our behalf.    Pray that everything gets scheduled as needed and there are no glitches with the company delivering the oxygen, the hearing, transportation to and from the airports, childcare and transportation at home, getting Victor and his oxygen on the plane, the flight home, etc.


  1. Praying for all of you my friends!

  2. This is really great news Cindy! I got goosebumps reading that Victor might be discharged soon. It really has gone fast!