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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Artsy kids

I don't know where my children got the art gene.  It certainly didn't come from me.  While I enjoyed creating, and often spent a lot of time on art projects, I can remember my middle school art teacher writing comments that implied that I hadn't spent much time on it.  Obviously my effort wasn't noticed. So, the fact that my children can create with marker, paint, photography, and colored pencil is astonishing to me.

Another woman in our adoption consultant's group had designed notecards as a fundraiser for their adoption.  I ordered some of her cards and also asked her more information about how and where she created the cards.  I gave the kids an assignment, create a work of art under the theme, "Adoption is..."

And this is what I got...

Well, actually, I cheated on this one.  Andrew had just taken it for photography class and I loved it.  So I included it in the notecard collection.
But he also took this one of two hands forming a heart which I thought perfectly represented adoption in our family.
This is Eden's contribution.
And Mariana has been on a series of hands.  She made a few options but I chose this one because of the butterflies.  We had a butterfly launch at HopeAnne's adoption.  I love the symbolism of new life.
And finally, HopeAnne's addition.  I think a bit of explanation is helpful here.  Hope drew 9 petals to represent the 9 members of her family.  Her new sister (this was before we knew about Victor and the little girls were hoping for a sister) is in the center.
Each card has a verse written inside.

So if you're interested in any notecards, they're available from a King family member near you.  We have packaged them in packs of 10, 2 of each design, for a minimum donation of $10 toward our adoption.

Today Victor is allowed to take a bottle for 4 or 5 of his feeds as long as he is ready.  We've already done 2 and he did just fine.

And the best news yet from the nurse practitioner:  "So, I think you'll be ready for discharge in 2 weeks.  Maybe sooner."  Praise God!  Pray us home.

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