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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Going home

This is it, the day we've all been waiting for.  Victor passed his carseat trial, we all stayed in the same room last night and survived. I hope no one was worried, we've done this baby thing before.  Seven years may have passed since the last infant in our home, but after one night together, I can tell you that nothing has changed.  The Good Doctor slept like a baby, snoring his way through the night.  Victor woke up every few hours as needed to eat.  I slept, well, I mostly didn't.  But that's okay.  Right now I don't care at all.

Thank you for your prayers for the court hearing yesterday.  The judge was wonderful!  It's sobering to be reminded that adoption means the same rights and privileges as birth.  When asked if we understood that, our answer was an absolute yes!  When Victor's adoption is finalized, his birth certificate will have our names.  There is no difference between a biological child and an adopted one.  Just as God adopts us, with all of our baggage and junk, we are willing to adopt the children God brings into our home.  We will walk with them through whatever life brings.  Thank you to those who have already walked with us in this journey and who will continue to walk beside any or all of our children.  When the judge asked if we have support at home, we were able to tell him about all of you.  Thank you.

Just a few last minute discharge must-dos, a lot of bittersweet good-byes, a few pictures, and we'll be on our way.  There are a lot of miles and states between here and home.  Pray for safety and a fast journey (but that doesn't mean the Good Doctor can speed).


  1. Victor(y) is yours. Walk in it and let your light so shine that others may see and know the power of the mighty God you serve.
    Victor is a very lucky boy to be joining such a wonderful family.

  2. Wonderful Wonderful news! Did John want to hold hands all night? :) We can't wait to continue to support your family in bringing up Victor. Praying for a safe journey home! :) Oh, so excited for you guys!!