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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Text me at your own risk

My children are attracted to cell phone ringtones.  Changing the ring tones, in particular.  Maybe it's because none of them have a phone to call their very own.  Well, Andrew does now, but he's going to college.  Maybe it's a teen thing.  Maybe it's just them.  I don't know.

When my mom first got her cell phone, one of the older children would sneak it from her purse when with her, change the ringtone to the most obnoxious ring that could be found, and sneak the phone back.  It took her a while to realize what was happening and she could never figure out which ring was hers because it was constantly changing.

Until this trip to Utah, I used my phone so rarely, and usually had it on vibrate, that the ring really didn't matter.  While the kids were out here, Andrew took my phone and changed the text ringtone to a scream.  Think scary movie kind of scream.  I left it there to remind me of Andrew.  And okay, I may or may not know how to change it.

The first time I accidentally left the volume up, I was in the thrift store with Mariana.  My phone screamed.  A woman in front of me looked up and started laughing.  No big deal.

The second time it happened I was in the NICU.  Since I almost always have the phone on vibrate, I'm not sure how it got switched that day.  I was standing at Victor's bed with his nurse and a scream came from my backside.  The nurse got a scared look and scanned the room.  Just my phone.

Yesterday morning I was in the shower and left my phone on the bathroom counter.  It screamed.  Even after all this time it still takes a moment to compute the source of the scream and in that time my life flashed before my eyes like in all those scary movie bathroom scenes, always while someone is in the shower.  But then I realized that in those movies the scream would be coming from the person in the shower, not from the one outside.  And then it finally connected in my brain, "Don't worry, it's just a text message."

The Good Doctor is coming tonight.  I'm going to have to get used to living with someone again.  He's going to want to hold hands.  All. The. Time.  Yes, that's a prayer request.
5 lb. 14 oz.

Victor will be starting one more room air trial sometime around 1PM MT.

Our hearing is tomorrow at 4:00 MT.  Everything should be in order and the hearing should be straightforward.  We are asking the judge to excuse us from the finalization hearing (about 6 months after we return home) so that we don't have to travel back to Utah.  Our lawyer believes we have a reasonable judge who will grant that request.  Pray that it happens.

I am emotionally spent and ready to go home.  There will be conversations on Monday with both the neonatologist and the pediatric ophthalmologist.  Pray that both of these go well so we can start our journey home.

Pray for wisdom in the drive vs. fly discussion that seems to have staunch supporters on either side and led me to answer a doctor's question about how we will return home with, "It looks like it depends on who discharges us."  Believe me, that was not an exaggerated response.

Some days are like that.  Even in Australia.
Note: That is not a tube coming out of his mouth.

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  1. Such a blessing seeing so many prayers being answered! Very soon, home at last with a little bundle of 'answered prayers' and I am sure a welcoming committee 2nd to none. God is so much more than good. Along with all the other great 'I AMs' He is the Joy of answered prayers. How very precious to be one of His kids. We are trusting Him to bring all of you home safely.