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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Orphans no more

I don't know if I've ever missed an opening at Allenberry when my kids were in the show.

This was hard but I am so thankful for a few pictures,

just for a sneak peek.

I'm told that it's a wonderful show and that Eden and HopeAnne do an excellent job as orphans in Annie. Well, okay, they all do, but we're a little biased.

It's no coincidence that Annie, a show about orphans, is the show currently running at Allenberry, at the same time we're in the process of bringing Victor into our home.

Seven years ago, Mariana played the role of Molly in this same musical, her first stage experience.  That musical ran just after we welcomed HopeAnne into our home.

And now HopeAnne is playing an orphan herself.  How I wish her birth mother could see her!

If you are close to Allenberry, you won't want to miss this timeless musical of love and adoption.
July 10 - Aug. 11
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, Children 4 - 11 years old are admitted free with a paying adult.
This is for dinner and theatre or theatre only.
Call to redeem this special (no online booking for these tickets), (717) 258-3211

And for Victor, who is an orphan no more...

Day 4 of no bradies.

He failed his room air test after an hour.  However, the nurse practitioner is going to try again in 48 hours.  She seems to be fairly convinced that he can go home without oxygen.  So, let's pray it's true!

He did pass his hearing test.  I wasn't worried about it one bit.  The boy follows voices and definitely hears all the commotion around his bed.  And besides, John and I both sign and we have friends who are deaf.  Victor would have fit right in.

He weighs a whopping 5 lb. 9 oz.

Our court hearing is scheduled for Monday but so far the cheapest flight doesn't bring us home til Thursday.  That's okay, the end is in sight!

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