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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Footloose in Utah

Guess who's here!!!!!!!!!!

MomMom (my mom) and Mariana arrived from PA this morning!

I had a nice little surprise planned for Mariana on the trip from the airport to the hospital.  You see, I found out a few weeks ago that Footloose was filmed in Utah and many of the locations are right near me.  You have to understand that I didn't see many movies when I was growing up and we weren't allowed to dance and weren't allowed to listen to "that" kind of music so when the movie Footloose came out, I could relate.  I loved that movie.  Okay, I was obsessed with it.  It defined my childhood!  When Mariana was old enough, I decided to introduce her to my childhood favorite.

She made fun of it.  She called it cheezy.

She's wrong.  And, anyway, she was stuck in the car with me as driver so if I just happened to drive right to the mill from Footloose, which just happened to be right off the highway en route to the hospital, well, what could she do?

She was so excited.

If she doesn't watch it I'm going to take her to the church from Footloose next!

I found out that High School Musical was filmed in Utah, too.  Don't worry, I have no interest in finding those sites.

In talking with Victor's nurse today, who talked with the NP, they concur with my theory that all of Victor's bradies occur either during a non-bottle feed, or just after and that they are being caused by reflux and/or spitting up each and every time.  So, he's allowed to have all of his feeds by bottle and he is to be held upright for 15-30 minutes afterward.  He's also allowed to use the swing when I'm not there, to also keep him upright.  I have been praying for this day!  Please pray that my gut is right and that not only does it stop the bradies, but that he also gains weight because that's part of the deal, too.  In related news, Victor pulled his NG tube out this morning so I guess he knew something that we didn't know and thankfully he doesn't need it put back in.

Lots of snuggles with Mariana today and MomMom gets her turn tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. chubby bunny! He's getting chubby-er! YAY!
    I agree with the reflux...no "medical expert", but you know my theory. 4 kids with reflux, one severe enough to require surgery at 4 months....sounds like it to me.
    Go with your gut. Mom's are usually right!
    Praying for all the changes and requests you've made to the nursing staff to make a visible change in him.
    Its time to come home!