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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th

Of course my morning started at the hospital, feeding Victor.  Unfortunately, neither of us had anything slightly patriotic to wear.  Funny how I typically wear a lot of red but in my attempts to be a minimalist out here, I have absolutely no red, white, or blue.  Oh well.

Apparently 4th of July Pancake Breakfasts are the thing out here.  Is this a tradition that our forefathers started but I don't know about?  No problem, I can go for all-you-can-eat breakfast anytime.  We  chose the one at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.  And the Dixie band was awesome as well.

Then a trip up the mountain in a tram.  Can everyone say, "Oooooooo," altogether now, as we go through every bump.

The view was gorgeous in every direction.

This is so I could tell the Good Doctor how many zeros high we were.

Victor celebrated the fourth with a stuffy nose.  Please pray this away.  It's annoying to him and is obviously bothering him during feedings.

He now weights 5 lb. 3.5 oz.  He's allowed bottles for 6 of his 8 daily feedings. He's doing just fine, even downing one bottle in a record 10 minutes yesterday.  He must know that food doesn't stick around long at our house before the vultures swoop in asking, "You gonna eat that?  You gonna finish that?  Can I have that?"

Another brady last night.  Jesus, heal Victor's lungs and tell him to keep on breathing.  They mostly happen early in the morning, either during or right after a feeding, presumably as he is experiencing reflux.  Interestingly, he does not have trouble while he is sitting up during bottle feeds.  I also make sure I continue to hold him upright for another 15-30 minutes.  In my non-medical opinion, it helps.

And great news, the neonatologist said one to one and a half weeks until we're out of here!  That goes right along with the nurse practitioner's prediction of 2 weeks, spoken a few days ago.  It brings tears to my eyes to know that we are so close.  Praise Jesus!


  1. This is awesome news Cindy! Will keep praying for Victor's lungs and feedings to go well. You're on the home stretch!

  2. I'll take mother's instincts over conventional "wisdom" any and every day of the week.