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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MomMom and Victor

Yesterday was a fun day of three generations shopping together.  We found some cute antique and craft shops to explore.

Update on Mr. Victor is that he is 48 hours with no bradies.  But now I almost brady every time I go in and ask if he had bradied.  My gut was right.  Moral of the story, always trust a mother's instincts.  The OT stopped by again and helped to convince the NP that Big Vic was also ready for ad lib feeding (eating on his terms, not the clock's).  Our little fighter decided at first that every two hours sounded good to him and finished each bottle and then some.  Being the youngest of eight he thinks he needs to bulk up to avoid being picked on too much.  Thankfully, he did slow down to every 3-4 hours during the night.

Pray that the good news continues!

With ad lib feeding it is a little harder to guess when we should be at the hospital to feed him so MomMom had to wait until 8:30 PM yesterday to get her turn at feeding the big guy.  Both were ready for the experience.
Listening to MomMom say, "You have to keep breathing!"


  1. He is such a chunky little monkey! Also go with your gut. I didn't listen to my gut one time and ended up with a 3 month old in the hospital with pneumonia...I will never second guess myself again. Glad to hear MomMom is enjoying her newest grandson. :c)