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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Victor's life in numbers

1 – Victor’s hernia that should have required surgery but has miraculously disappeared
2 - Maximim number of hours we could drive without stopping, doctor's orders!
3 – The number of brain scans Victor had, each and every one came up miraculously clear
4 - Rental cars to complete my stay and our trip home, plus one borrowed from Katrina
5 - Number of Patient's Belongings bags needed to bring home the things Victor accumulated during his 3 month NICU stay
6 - Number of pounds Victor weighed at discharge
7 – The siblings who are loving on him at home
8 – Number of airports I visited on my trips back and forth.  I still vote Salt Lake City the friendliest airport.
9 – Number of plane trips I took between Salt Lake City and the East Coast (not including layovers).  I’m ready for a vacation from travel although I will never tire of take offs and landings.
10 - The jersey number of my new friend, the professional soccer player.
13 – Amount of Aunts and Uncles Victor has, including our newest addition to the family, Aunt Katrina
15 – Victor was born this many weeks too soon.
19 – The Elvis station on Sirius.  Yes, we did listen to it.
20 – The date in April that Eden prayed for and the day we found out about Victor
25 – Victor’s gestational age at birth
26 – The day in July when Victor’s birth mother thought he would be born
62 – John’s age at Victor’s high school graduation. Please don’t remind the Good Doctor of this as it is something he obsesses over. You can, however, tell him of others you know who were older than that when their children graduated from high school.
73 - Number of blog entries between Victor's announcement and our discharge
75 – The speed limit in Wyoming and Nebraska but I won’t tell you how fast the Good Doctor actually went.  Now I know why he wouldn’t let me drive in these states; he didn’t want me driving the speed limit and losing the time he had gained.
80 – The average number of cars on the trains that went right next to our hotel room that night in Wyoming.
95 - Number of days in the NICU
97 - The saturation parameter at which Victor will start beeping over and over and over again, thereby driving his father crazy.
2050 - Number of miles between Utah and home!
2408 - Number of page views on the "We Stepped Out of the Boat" blog post on April 25.
10,528 - Amount raised so far on our adopttogether site.  Thank you!
11,000 - The elevation for our 4th of July excursion.
Too numerous to count – The new friends we made in the NICU, the tears shed, the people praying for Victor, the people who helped the motherless home in PA, the number of no-see-em bites we got at the Great Salt Lake, and the blessings we have received in this journey.

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  1. Number 19 made me laugh. So glad you are all back together today!