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Saturday, July 13, 2013

In his time

In your time, in your time
You make all things beautiful,
In your time

Lord, please show me everyday
As you're teaching me your way
That you do just what you say
In your time

Lord, my life to you I bring
May each song I have to sing
Be to you a lovely thing
In your time

In His Time, Diane Ball

A friend reminded me of this song after we posted our prayer request yesterday.  I remember this song as being on a video of music and scenery that we had given to my grandfather when he was sick with cancer.  I hadn't thought of this song in years.  I listened to it last night before bed and each time I woke up the words of the song were a prayer in my head.

Many thanks to each of you for the prayers and words of encouragement.  Yesterday was filled with several obvious attacks.  Discouragement came and went and peace prevailed.

First of all, let me just say that we received three miracles yesterday!

Miracle #1 - The pediatric ophthalmologist came yesterday, just hours after we sent out the prayer request.  Like I said yesterday, this exam was a week overdue and multiple phone calls by the NICU doctor and NP got nowhere.

Miracle #2 - The results of the eye exam were just what we asked for!  Praise God!  Pray specific prayers to get specific answers and so that you will know you have received a miracle.  After 4 weeks of exams, Victor's eyes had not changed at all.  Yesterday, (for those of you who understand) his eye development has progressed to Zone 3 (out of 3) and the minimal ROP has started to regress as well.  They believe the rest will clear up as well and he will not need any treatment or surgery to correct this in the future.  Best news: We should be able to go home!  There is only one thing holding this up and you will see that in the prayer requests below.

Miracle #3 - Victor actually lasted on room air through 2 feedings, about 8 hours (he was still receiving oxygen during his feeds).  While he is back on minimal oxygen now, we are moving in the right direction.  It is still believed that when he arrives in PA, he will no longer need oxygen.

Miracle #4 - Victor Noah, born at 25 weeks gestation, weighing only 1 lb. 13 oz., is alive and doing extremely well and is celebrating his third month of life today!  I think ice cream is in order for celebration.  Well, at least one of us can have some ice cream to celebrate.  Even the doctor today admitted that Victor has been ahead of the curve in everything.  Most babies born at this gestation and weight would not even be considered for discharge until 40 or 42 weeks (Victor would be 40 weeks on July 26).

Prayer requests -

The mission team to New Mexico left in the wee hours of the morning.  Many thanks to those who posted pictures and videos so I could pick out my children in the crowd.  After a long flight delay (but they were treated with food vouchers that they all used at Dunkin Donuts), the last photo was of the inside of their plane.  Please pray for life changing experiences over the members of the team and everyone they come into contact with from airport personnel to the people they serve.  Andrew's team to Juniata County, PA leaves at 1PM tomorrow.  Pray the same over them.

The pediatric ophthalmologist has said that he wants to see Victor one more time, next Friday.  We have convinced the neonatologist that we can schedule Victor with someone just as qualified in PA if he would PLEASE let us leave earlier than that.  He promised to check with the eye doctor on Monday.  Please pray for favor with the eye doctor, that he would allow us to go home!

Pray for the decision to fly or drive.  We have gotten a different answer from each person we talk to.  Earlier in the week we were convinced to fly and were also told we'd be leaving Monday or Tuesday so we booked our flights for Thursday.  Now this doctor is telling us to drive.  Whatever.  We really don't care (well, the Good Doctor is not a fan of driving but he'll get over it, I actually love to see the sights even though it may just be a blur in passing), we just want to go home.

Pray for the kids at home with various care-givers.

If you didn't believe in prayer before Victor Noah, you have to now.  How much more proof do you need?


  1. Yes, we believe in prayer! But it's always nice to see how God works everything out, many times in accordance with what we asked for. :-) This little boy has an amazing destiny in store for him.
    Drive safely. :-)

  2. Woooo! Thank you, Heavenly Father! We continue to "speak life" and pray for you all, including the teams in New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Thank you for sharing your lives with the world. You are an inspiration to us all.