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Monday, June 10, 2013

We are family...

We have an amazing hospital staff who took great pleasure in making this sign to welcome Victor's siblings.  And just yesterday I was looking at Victor's hand on my chest, and thinking, "We have Victor's footprints and I sure do wish we had some handprints."  The nurses must have had great fun taking all of these hand and footprints last night!

To witness each child meet their youngest sibling for the first time, this is joy.
Mariana sang to her brother.  He listened intently.

Andrew gave him advice on living with all of his siblings.  Victor was overwhelmed. He fell asleep.

That's about the best smile I've ever seen!

This makes Isaac look huge all of a sudden.
She was thrilled that little children have to wear a mask in the NICU and very interested in everything in the room and bed.  The mask stayed on the rest of the day.
Eden was so happy to finally meet her brother!  No words to describe this moment.  Her only disappointment was not being allowed to hold him.  I promised the little girls that they could be the first to hold him when we finally get home.
And finally, Jesse got a turn!

We are family!


  1. In your next blog, can you write about the experience of family/kids visiting the NICU? Were they only allowed in one at a time? Why did the two little ones have to wear masks and couldn't hold Victor? I'd be interested to hear more about the NICU's rules with visitors.

    I love the artwork. I'm sure that's something you may frame to put into Victor's nursery. The three oldest look very tired from their long trip out to Utah!

    1. I'll actually answer here.

      We are allowed to name 4 (over age 14) adults to hold Victor and to enter the NICU at any time. Since we know only one other person here, the three oldest children were placed on that list as well. They have to turn in photo IDs to be photocopied and left in their visitor book.

      Upon entering, each parent or visitor needs a daily Visitor's Pass and completes a 5 minute scrub. Two people are allowed at a time at his bedside.

      The under-14 crowd can only visit between 2 and 5 on Sundays, had to turn in immunization records, must wear a mask, and cannot hold. They can only visit one at a time with a parent, for only 15 minutes each. We don't know why Isaac and Shoun weren't required to wear masks, but possibly a different nurse at the desk and different interpretation of the rule? John went in with the boys, I had gone in with the girls.