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Thursday, June 6, 2013

More VICTORies

Since we didn't meet Victor until he was already over 2 weeks old, I appreciate the nurses who have shared with me what his first days were like.  One day twins were admitted to Victor's wing.  After apologizing for having been away from Victor while she helped with the twins, our nurse said, "See this flurry of activity?  I was here the day Victor was born.  Imagine this activity and double it.  That's what it was like when he was born.  And this is for two babies; he was only one, yet so sick."  I met poor Rachel who was here for her first day of training on April 13, the day Victor was born.  That's one way to decide if you really want to do this job!

Yesterday our nurse told us that she was here for Victor's second day of life.  She said that there were many times during that day when she realized that he might not make it.  And together we marveled at how far this little guy has come.  Praise God for all of the VICTORies and the miracle of his life.

And praise God for weight gain!  Victor weighs 3 lbs. 5 oz.  The nurse weighed him twice because she couldn't believe that he had really gained 100 grams in one day, but he had.

Praise God that my family is on their way to Utah and are currently in Ohio.  My sympathies (and a few laughs) go to the Good Doctor who had to undertake all of that packing, a job he has never done before.  If only I could get paid for every, "Where is the....?" phone call I received.  Pray for safety, driving in the speed limit, and adequate breaks.  Pray that the Good Doctor can find the right combination of siblings for each row of the KingZoo bus for proper balance, health and unity (and for Andrew's sanity).

And speaking of the recent graduate, he is the reason I don't have any new pictures of Victor for you.  Yesterday it was to honor his request for no more pictures of a helpless baby.  Today it is because I have realized that when he asked for my camera so he could make another stop motion video, his camera that came to me on loan came without a cord for uploading.  Sounds like a conspiracy to me.  Looks like I'll be making a trip to find such an item...  You have to see this double chin, even if Andrew thinks it's just another ET looking ugly baby picture.

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  1. i love every picture you share! so glad he's growing so fast . . .this is his 3rd trimester when they pack on the pounds! so happy you're family is on their way! enjoy!