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Friday, June 21, 2013

Mommy loves Victor

We have this little routine we do whenever I hold him.

"Mommy loves you.  Daddy loves you.  Andrew loves you.  Jesse loves you.  Mariana loves you.  Shoun loves you.  Isaac loves you.  Eden loves you.  HopeAnne loves you..."

"...And Jesus loves you so much, much more than we can ever love you.  He's here with you everyday, healing you, growing you, and making you big and strong."

I also tell him that his birthmother loves him and we talk about how much she loves him.  We pray for her everyday.

Victor's flow was turned down to 1 this morning.  Pray that this is successful.  So far he has done great, was even at 21% for most of our hold this morning.

His bed is now at a set temperature.  This is to wean him to keeping his own temperature and to move him to a big boy bed.  So far, so good.

4 lb. 6 oz. and counting...

And now I'm leaving on a jet plane...  Pray for both of us while I'm gone!

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