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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy anniversary

Today is my anniversary.  I don't know how many years it's been; my math is not that good.  The Good Doctor makes fun of me because I never know how many zeros to put on the end of my numbers.  He has to ask me questions like, "Is it closer to the cost of a car or a house?"  I don't know!  What do you think I am?  A car dealer?  A realtor?  Call them if you really need to know!  Anyway, I do know that it's more than 20 years.  I know that because my oldest is 18 and I know that it took several years for him to come along.  So we'll just say 20+ years.  If you need to know, it was 1991.  You do the math.

So, you ask, what am I doing to celebrate my 20+ years of marriage?  Well, I'm going to spend it with a very handsome guy with a receding hairline.  We're going to do a lot of snuggling.  I might even kiss his forehead, his chubby cheeks, and his lovable lips.  I don't think we'll go anywhere; rather, we'll stay in all day.  And I know he's going to have someone help choose the perfect outfit for him to wear, just for me.  We have the kind of understanding that people do when they've known each other for quite some time; I talk and he sleeps.  He might snore but I'm used to that.

Yeah, I love my date, too.
A wink for Mommy

And kids, you can be glad I'm not home; Dad and I might make you sit through some of our wedding DVD.  Again.

It's a good thing I'm not at home or I might have included a few photos of our wedding day, other than this one, the only one that I happen to have on my computer.

Just think 80s, permed hair, poofy sleeves, and a big bow on the butt.  It wasn't the 80s but it was close enough; the era still had a tight hold on us.  My daughter told me that will never come back in style.  I told her, just wait.

My favorite photo from our wedding day was not taken by our photographer.  It wasn't even taken by a friend at the wedding.  It was taken by a nurse.  And there's a story behind it.  Of course there is or I wouldn't be mentioning it, would I?

Growing up, we lived next to two adorable elderly ladies.  Florence and Laura were sisters and they were the sweetest women.  We moved away when I was in high school but we kept in touch.  By the time my wedding was approaching, Laura had died and Florence was in a nursing home.  She was invited to the wedding but was on oxygen and in failing health so the decision about her attendance was left to the last minute.  We assured her that if she couldn't come to the wedding, we would come to her.  Well, the weather forecast of 98 degrees and high humidity in an unairconditioned church did not seem conducive to her health so the decision was made that we would go to her after the ceremony.  We were the hit of the retirement community, walking in with full wedding attire.  I think every old woman, sitting in her wheelchair in the hallway, wanted to touch my dress and hold my hand as we walked by.  Florence, of course, was so happy to see us and kept the picture at her bedside for a long time after.  She also enjoyed retelling the story of how she found birdseed in her bed for weeks after, apparently it had fallen out of my hair when I leaned over to talk to her.  Remember, this was the time period just after they discovered that throwing rice killed the birds and just before wedding bubbles were invented.  So we had rice thrown at us.  Who thinks of these things, anyway?  I think it was supposed to insure that we were blessed with many children.  Hmmm, what do you know?  It worked.  Maybe that's why they don't throw birdseed anymore.

So, yes, I'm spending my anniversary with Victor this year.  And John is celebrating with seven children at home.

Victor is 4 lb. 15 oz., oh so close to the big 5-0!  36 weeks today, or 11 weeks old!

He was tortured by the eye doctor again this morning who had the very same report he had last week, and the week before that, and... No change, still Stage 1 ROP.  He did say that it's possible that we won't see any change until Victor is closer to his due date.  Even so, he plans to torment Victor again next week.  Please pray that his eyes miraculously mature this week.
The stink eye for the eye doctor.

If you can read this screen (Victor's on the right), then you can see that Victor loves to be held.  Such even blue (oxygen) and green (heartrate) lines and a nice, even yellow (respiration) pattern.  Straight lines are our friends.

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