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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My graduate

Everyone says it, but it's hard to believe that this child has grown up and graduated from high school.  In kindergarten he began his violin lessons, and an infatuation with snakes led to a purchase that is still in our home today (anyone want a snake?).  Elementary school came and went, leaving Andrew with glasses and a switch from Christian school to homeschool.  Middle school is where he made the excellent transition to public school and where he became more confident in who he is and a leader developed.  And high school, with all of its ups and downs is where he has searched himself, to find out who he is and who he was created to be.  This will continue for the rest of his life.

I couldn't be prouder.  This is what parenting is about; raising a child to go into the world to make a difference.  I guess we all have different definitions of "making a difference" but my definition definitely includes using your God-given gifts and passions for the Kingdom, putting others first, and loving the least of these.

Andrew was one of three seniors selected to give a speech at his graduation.  His speech, which was a mystery to me beforehand, said it all.  He gets it.  He knows that it is not easy, yet he still encouraged his classmates to love and serve the unlovable, and to find their own "starfish".  Please take the time to listen to his speech.

He has finished this chapter well.  I look forward to the next chapters and to see where God leads him.

And on the other end of our family, Victor has been busy gaining weight.  He is now 3 lbs. 1 oz. and looking so much like a real boy, complete with a double chin.  In honor of Andrew's special moment, I will not post a picture of Victor today.  Andrew thinks that all of the pictures look the same and can't understand why someone would take so many pictures of a baby that can't do anything.  Obviously he has not looked at his own baby book lately.  Being the firstborn, I think there might possibly be daily pictures of his whole first year.

He did have his first eye exam on Monday and does have Stage 1 Retinopathy of Prematurity.  This doesn't really tell us a whole lot yet. He will have another exam next week, and likely several more after that as they watch this.  It could worsen or it could all still resolve on its own.  Pray that subsequent exams show nothing and that his eyes grow and heal normally.

Pray for the King Zoo as they head out to Utah.  Pray for peace and unity among family members and safety for all.  Pray that they make it out here by Sunday so that the four younger members can see Victor as Sunday is the only day they will be allowed into the NICU.

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