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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Utah fun

"This is so much fun!"

When your 7 year old, known for peculiar likes and dislikes and everyday occurrences of the grumps, says this, you know you've found a good thing.

Right after I graduated from high school, my family went on a trip out west, to the states around the four corners.  One of the splurges of the trip was a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon.  The other was a whitewater rafting trip in Colorado.  Back when one of the older boys wasn't so keen on this trip to Utah, I thought maybe a similar experience (the rafting, not the helicopter), might change his mind.

So, we arranged for the 5 older children to go on a river adventure and I volunteered to stay back with the 8 and 7 year olds.  While we know the 8 year old would enjoy it, I wasn't so sure with the 7 year old.  You never can always sometimes tell with her.  We found the location and dropped off the older kids but then the river guide asked about the younger two.  Well...  By the time the conversation was over, we were all signed up.  We knew this could go one of two very extreme directions.

She informed me a little while ago that she asked her father if she could do that again.  She says he told her that the next time we come back to Utah we can indeed go rafting again.  She also said that he'd better keep his promise.

Sure, HopeAnne, we'll definitely go rafting the next time we come to Utah.  Which will be...???

Happy 2 months to Victor Noah King!  Keep praying that he will come home before the expected time which is his original due date of July 26.  He's enjoying one more day being loved on and held by his daddy and older siblings.

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  1. What incredible scenery. -Les W.