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Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is amazing

This is the baby whose mother had a choice; the choice for life or death.

This is the baby whose mother chose life but when she started to bleed at just 25 weeks, feared he might not make it.

This is the baby the doctors said wouldn't cry when he was born but from whom his birthmother clearly heard a cry.

This is the baby who weighed just 1 lb. 13 oz. at birth.

This is the baby that some didn't think would live but for whom every member of the medical team fought to save.

This is the baby who had a family but whose family decided they just couldn't take him.

This is the baby who had no family for 12 days and whose birthmother despaired because she just wanted to know that he'd be loved.

This is the baby who looked like ET with chicken limbs and frog legs.

This is the baby for whom we prayed and for whose birth family we prayed, long before we knew who they were.

This is the baby that came through faith, trust and prayer.

This is the baby that the medical staff loved dearly, waiting for a family to come.

This is the baby that represents choice, fight, love, redemption, and miracles.

This is our baby, Victor Noah King.  Living.  Growing.  Amaze-ing.

He had a rougher night than normal with several apneic episodes so his flow was bumped back up to 2.0.  He just wasn't quite ready to be weaned down to 1.5.  Other than that, it's just another day of feeding and growing.  Pray for strong lungs.


  1. He just gets cuter and cuter everyday! Praying for your family and loving reading your story!

  2. This is beautiful!!! So incredible to see what takes place in a life at 25 weeks. Love reading each moment about his life. Can't wait to see what else God has in store. Absolutely looove this newest picture of him!!! Bless you guys - been praying for you lots.