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Monday, March 19, 2012


So many parenting responsibilities could be narrowed down to one virtue: Self-control. Of course, our kids aren't the only ones with this problem, right? I, for one, have my own self-control issues. But I like to believe that on this journey called life I am a little farther along than my children. And that it is my responsibility to teach them self-control so that they can be healthy, can get along well with others, will be productive adults, and above all, God-honoring in all they do.

That said, I decided to combine our Fruit of the Spirit staircase with the consequences jars and (hopefully) drive the message of self-control home. So the "I blew it" jar gained a new slip of paper: Sit on the Self-control step and write 5 sentences about how self-control could have helped you in this situation.

And then I waited. Sure enough, the seven-year old "blew it" this morning and had to pick from the jar. "Mom," she said with the slip of paper in her hands and a confused look on her face, "What is 'self-control'?"

Funny you should ask. So after our discussion, and after her imposed writing assignment, I had this fine essay to chuckle over:

"I cud of yoused self-control by not saying I am gowing to be as selfish as I can. I was mene and I shood not be mene. I have lernd that I need to be kinnd. Evry one has to have self-control. Now I no that you need self-control."

Thank you, Eden, for such a splendid discourse on self-control. I just may print this out to hang on my wall as a little reminder to myself.

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  1. I got a big laugh out of your post! Eden is so right. Everyone has to have self-control. I love it!