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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to ask your date to prom

The Good Doctor and I started dating when I asked him to a Sadie Hawkins dance. I was pretty impressed as I had previously neither asked a guy on a date nor gone to a dance. The Good Doctor was not impressed because I called him on the phone to pop the question. I always thought he was being a bit unfair until I watched all that my eldest went through in asking his date to prom.

The plans started about a week ago, when he and the next two in line started planning an elaborate King's Strings version of My Heart Will Go On from the movie, Titanic. Now, the fact that I like this movie always causes Andrew to make fun of me. I guess things change when the one who likes the movie is the one with whom you have more than a family connection. It took a little convincing to get certain younger siblings on board (pun intended), but once they got the we're-a-family-so-we-help-each-other speech from me, it went a little smoother. Next, he had to teach everyone to play the song.

Finally, the most difficult part; finding a time when the social butterfly would be home. We had Plan A but went out for ice cream with a friend, then Plan B the next night but she went shopping with a friend, and Plan C the following night. Third time's a charm.

Walking to her house we made quite a scene. People in cars were waving and laughing. Andrew got a thumbs up from one woman. Then the man across the street was using a leaf blower but he was happy to turn it off for five minutes. The next thing we knew, he had called his wife outside and they enjoyed the serenade, too, even clapped at the end...

Insert music here...

And on the final note...

I wonder if I could send the siblings along to the prom, too?

Oh, you want to know what she said? See for yourself.


  1. This is the BEST! I am IMPRESSED!! I miss you guys!

  2. Wow! That girl must have felt so lucky. That is a memory that they both will remember forever. How special that he asked her in that way. Too cool!

  3. That is too precious! One day some REALLY lucky girl will snag him!!!

  4. Coming over from The MOB Society - loved every second of this post and the video. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! I definitely don't remember ever getting an elaborate proposal like that...even outdid my marriage proposal! You are raising one fantastic (and romantic) guy! How lucky for this girl (and his future wife)! I'm joining you from MOB today.

  6. Oh wow! What a guy! Loved the video too.