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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring has sprung

It is officially spring at the King Zoo and here's how I know:

1. I was awakened by birds, not kids.
2. The kids are spending more time outside than in.
3. We've had our first "shoe-meets-dog-poop" incident of the season.
4. I started pulling the boxes of spring and summer clothes out of the attic and the little girls are thrilled to be trying on "new" clothes. The boys, not so much.
5. I have laundry on the line and my laundry-hanging shoes are back in their rightful place by the door.
6. Those big, black, and ugly spiders are once again trying to get room and board in my house. No thank you.
7. With children gathered round for a teachable moment, I pointed out the crocuses blooming in the backyard. Only to have my seven year old inform me that the purple flowers are blooming, too.


  1. LOVE it! Same thing for us - except the dog-poop thing.... : )
    Waiting on dinner until everyone is ready to come in instead of calling them. There is also that great spring smell that you must love with your laundry on the line. Thanks for sharing this fun post!

  2. I love your photo above-very fun. And I like the fun way you listed all the ways you know it's spring. I tried to find out where you live; it must be south of us in CO because no spring is arriving here very soon. Bulbs are coming up however, so it is on its way! No. 6 will be soon, too. Aargh! Thanks!

  3. Isn't it a blessing when kids spend more time outside than in, except when they come in with dog poop, eww! This was a fun list, not your usual "I know it's spring" list.

  4. Your writing is so natural, and interesting, and playful.
    Oh, it is three dimensional. You write about everyday things, but your choice of words is just a tad different.
    Like, spiders trying to get room and board.