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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What to wear?

Last night I had a dilemma. To be myself, or to shock everyone and go a little crazy. This does seem to be the decade of change. On the other hand, too much can be too much.

For the past three years, I have been the playhouse photographer for a regional theatre close to home. I love the work because I get to associate with some of the most wonderful people and see them using their amazing talents. I also, of course, enjoy watching the shows as I photograph them. Later, I get to see many of the actors displaying the photos on their Facebook accounts. And when my own children are in a show? I no longer need to pay $60 for a CD of pictures like the last photographer charged me; I can just head on over to my own website and click on a pic.

But maybe the most enjoyable part of the job is once a year when I have the pleasure of attending and photographing their murder mystery weekend. Knowing the actors in person, and then seeing those personalities come to life in the character that has been created, is so much fun.

I've always gone "dressed" as the photographer since that is indeed what I am. However, this year's crowd was intense and continually interrogated me as if I was part of the show and one of the suspects. People take this thing very seriously, snooping for clues and writing in notebooks. I've never even been questioned once before, let alone by multiple people throughout the weekend. I'm sure I even ended up in some of those notebooks. There was one table in particular with whom I was enjoying some light-hearted banter about who I was, where I came from, was I really taking pictures, and most importantly (to them), to whom was I related?

So when it came time for the Saturday evening costume party, I thought maybe I should play along. As this year's theme was "All Bets Are Off", guests were supposed to come dressed in tacky Las Vegas. Sorry, but I don't get out much. I didn't know what regular Las Vegas clothing was, and certainly had no idea what tacky Las Vegas meant. So I asked my actor friend, Katrina, and this is what she told me:

People wear all sorts of crazy stuff. We've had show girls- men and women. Or people will dress like Elvis, carrot top, anyone famous really. Sometimes people also get creative and have dice on their shirts or cards and whatnot. Lots of people also just dress up and look nice. But if you want to be creative, you could dress up as just about anything and it would be just fine.

Hmmm. Showgirl? Well, I probably should have done that one before having 5 pregnancies. No one needs to see the after-effects of that (TMI, sorry). Elvis? The Good Doctor owns an Elvis costume but I'd probably drown in that. And I don't know any other famous people that are around 5"1'. I did consider the dressing up part, but realized I didn't have any good nylons (I guess I don't dress up often enough). Creative? No one's ever accused me of lacking creativity. Until yesterday. The only thought that came to mind was a pair of zebra pants that I own (don't ask).

In the end? I went as me. Strait-laced Cindy. Playhouse photographer. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And no, I am NOT related to anyone at the theatre. Although I did consider telling my new friends at the fun table that I was Katrina's big sister. Even though she's over a foot taller than me and has beautiful red hair.

Love you, Katrina!


  1. A fun slice! Your job sounds like a blast. How funny that people were convinced you were part of the mystery! It must be really fun, like you said, to know the actors as people and then see them bring their characters to life.

  2. Nice slice! You had me going the whole time --- what is she going to go as? I enjoyed your post and will come back often this month! (And, BTW: I wish I had your photographic chops!)

  3. For future parties where you need to dress up as a famous person and want someone of similar height, please remember that Dolly Parton is approximately 5 feet tall.

  4. Oh my, only Andrew! I'll keep that in mind, though.