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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thanks for the encouragement

This writing challenge has brought so much encouragement in the way of comments. Kym told me it would be so. That was part of her spiel when trying to get me to write. Other participants have written about the eye--opening experience of finally understanding what students suffer when faced with a blank page and a deadline looming.

But it goes so much farther than writing. Whenever we step out of our comfort zone, we need to know that someone noticed and that our efforts were appreciated. A friend of mine calls these "kisses from God," the little (or big) confirmations that you're on the right track.

A few years ago our family auditioned for a national TV show, and we made it to the second round. It was an extremely stressful time, made even more tense by some last-minute changes from the powers-that-be. We all sensed that we were to be there, but it was definitely the most challenging adventure our family has ever experienced. When the final vote came down, and we were not to go on, we were confused. If we had spent so much time in prayer prior to pursuing this, and had no doubt that we were to give it a try, then why did it end so quickly?

After the audition we were immediately whisked back to our hotel. Since we had guests still inside the audition hall, we walked back to wait for them on the sidewalk. When the auditions ended and the house emptied onto the street, many people recognized us and encouraged us as a family group. Many wished we had been voted through. Those were the little "kisses from God" that we needed. But them one woman came right up to me, stuck her finger in my face, and said, "I saw right through that." Uh-oh. What did she mean? Did she think we weren't all playing the instruments? Did she think the music was pre-recorded? That we were performing some type of instrumental version of lip sync? Then she was coming back with her finger once again pointed right at my face, "I know why you're called The King's Strings, and it has nothing to do with your last name. I saw the Holy Spirit up there on stage with you and I have only ever seen that one other time in my life." That was a big ole' kiss from God!

Recently, after starting a Mom's Group to encourage and equip mothers, I was once again reminded of the value of those kisses from God. One mother told me that this group, the books, and what she was learning, were not only impacting her, but also her neighbors as she shares what she's learned with them. This morning, two men came up to thank me for what their wives were learning while participating in this group. Little kisses from God can go a long way!

Excuse me, I need to go encourage someone now.


  1. I'll be looking for "kisses from God!"

  2. It's nice to be reminded by the good you're doing for others in your community.

    Sorry I've just stopped by your blog for the first time during the SOLSC. It's hard to make it around to everyone's blog daily. So glad I made it to yours to read this special post today.