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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Second time around

I recently gave my fabric stash an overhaul. I like to think that if I were the only one using it, the fabric would stay neatly piled on the color coordinated shelves whereupon I placed them. But I have two daughters and a son who like to take a bit from here and a piece from there, who tend to then return it by wadding the left-over fabric into a ball and shoving it into the first space they can find. So it was time.

In the process I came across my two prom dresses from high school. I use the term prom loosely as we didn't have a prom but instead a junior/senior banquet because, as we were oft-told, dances stimulate the lust of the flesh; banquets don't. Or something like that. Anyway, to say they were my junior/senior banquet dresses, no one would know what I'm talking about. Prom dresses, while slightly untrue, just makes things easier by leaving out the need to explain. Which I just did so I guess it is a moot point in this post.

So as I was saying, at the bottom of a pile on the bottom shelf I found my prom/junior/senior dresses. I'm not exactly sure why they were there except that maybe after putting all that work into making them I just couldn't part with them or maybe I thought I'd cut them up and make dress-up clothes for the younger girls. But then I realized that since this obviously never happened, the girls were old enough that I could probably just stick the dresses on their dress-up rack "as-is". Which I did. And they were an immediate hit.

It looks better on her than it did on me.
Must have been my Little Bo-Peep phase.


  1. Wow!
    First I'm amazed that with all your moves in life, and all your children that you still had these things. Said from the girl who knows she does not still own a certain bridesmaid dress...
    Secondly, I'm sure glad that the title "Little Bo Peep Phase" never stuck back then.

    1. I considered posting the professionally done banquet photo of the two of us because I've actually always liked that picture but was afraid you'd refuse to be my friend after that so I went for the looking-rather-lonely-and-shy-in-my-own-home photo.

  2. This: "dances stimulate the lust of the flesh." Can I just say that we must have been raised in the same culture/religion/family/whatever. I tell my students that when I was a kid I was told dancing is one step close to that eternal vacation in the lake of fire and one step closer to unplanned pregnancy.

    And those dresses remind me of the costume box I have in my classroom.