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Monday, March 14, 2016

Before that

On Saturday night I went to bed without my supper, wonderfully full of food and friendship.

Before that, I relieved Isaac of his childcare duties and tackled the task of making a supper for the children, one that I did not plan to join them in eating.

Before that, The Good Doctor and I enjoyed the long drive home from Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Quiet moments alone to chat are too few and far between.

Before that, we said good-bye to our friends.

Before that, we stuffed ourselves full of good Pennsylvania Dutch home cooking (although I never knew that coconut shrimp and pierogies were PA Dutch delicacies) at my all time favorite restaurant. I was sure not to miss the shoo-fly pie at the end.

Before that, The Good Doctor and I took off for our journey to meet my best friend and her SO for lunch.

Before that, we visited a new friend who had just arrived home from the hospital. We were honored to be invited in as her first guests.

Before that, I spent my morning happily doing chores around the house, reminiscing about the wonderful friendship I've had with my best friend from high school; a friendship that has survived college years many miles apart, a few years living side-by-side, and now 2 hours away.

Before that, I woke up happy and ready for the wonderful day ahead.


  1. You and your Little Bo Peep stage, and I was hoping to have a career as a linebacker???
    Those are some shoulder pads for sure.

    It was a very good day. :)

    1. Sorry, but I just had to. It seems we have very few picture together. That whole Holland/Switzerland album and the best I have is one of you, one of me, one of you, one of me...I won't mention how many years before the selfie this was. Anyway, I always did like this picture, Little Bo Peep and the Linebacker aside.

  2. I have seen this format before, and I am a bit obsessed with it. I love how it makes you look at your day in a different way. Your word choice is amazing! Thanks for letting us in on your wonderful Saturday!

  3. I also like this format and may have to experiment with it. And shoo-fly pie - I am beginning to think only someone from central PA can really appreciate it.

  4. I love your piece and this scaffold. It is charming and entertaining g at the same time. Thanks.